HTTP Experience

HTTP is an event organised by information technology organisation called HIMTI (Himpunan Teknik Informatika). You can click the link for official website. The event held on Saturday, September 10th 2016, started at 9 a.m. Gedung BPPT II Auditorium Lt. 3, Jl. M. H. Thamrin No.8 Jakarta Pusat was the place of this event.

The event started with a countdown by cool robot. After that we saw a band performance called “Peanutbutter” bringing “Panah Asmara”song. It was acoustic band so the song was very easy listening. Clarisa Valencia and Sandy Alta Tadete as the host comes after band performances. Then, an opening speech by several important person such as Martin Arlando as chairman of the event. After many speech which a little bit boring, a performance made all the atmosphere heated up again. The performance was solo singer by Adam, he played guitar and sing several songs. He was very talented, has a very beautiful voice, and very fun so there was no atmosphere we called “awkward”. And then break session and we had lunch.

After our stomach full, we saw a talk show and the guess was information technology alumni from Binus University. They told us about their experience and work in the real life. It was very inspiring for me. There were also games for selected audience and the winner got karaoke voucher. The games were very funny to watch. After that visualization of HTTP. This was my favorite show. It was like musical drama with fun and meaning. It was very hilarious and laughed a lot. It was also taught us about teamwork. In the end there were guess star band and DJ performance. It was very hype. But, my favorite was the visualization.

Here were the documentation i took with my phone. I am sorry if the quality isn’t to good.


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